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  • product name: ZLY cylindrical gear reducer

  • product type: Gear reducer

  • Product number:

  • release time: 2019-07-04

product description

ZLYOverview of cylindrical gear reducer
Hard tooth surface cylinderGear reductionJB/T8853-2001, including ZDY cylinderGear reducer(Single stage), ZLY cylindrical gearReducer(Two-stage), ZSY cylindrical gear reducer (three-stage)
ZLYFeatures of cylindrical gear reducer
1. The main specification parameters (center distance, transmission ratio, etc.) adopt the priority number of the priority number system, and meet the relevant standards.
2. The gear transmission parameters and main structural dimensions have been optimized and designed with a high degree of standardization and generalization. There are about 1500 parts, composed of more than 4500 reducers with different load-bearing capacities, different transmission ratios, and different assembly types, that is, different specifications.
3. The gear material is forged high-quality high-strength alloy steel.The gears of the hardened gear reducer are carburized, quenched, and ground with high precision. The allowable load-bearing capacity is more than 3 times that of the old product.The medium-hardened gears are specially quenched and tempered and precision hobbed.
ZLYScope of application of cylindrical gear reducer
4. The performance of the reducer has reached the advanced level of similar products in the world in the 90s through bench tests and practical assessments, and can replace imported products.
This series of products are used for mechanical transmission in mining, metallurgy, transportation, building materials (cement), construction, chemical, textile, light industry, energy and other industries.But generally limited to:
The speed of the high-speed shaft of the reducer is not higher than 1500r/min;
The peripheral speed of the reducer gear is not higher than 20m/s;
The working environment temperature of the reducer is -40~45℃. When it is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated before starting.
ZLYCylindrical gear reducer model and specifications
1. Models are: ZDY single-stage cylindrical gear reducer, ZLY two-stage cylindrical gear reducer, ZSY three-stage cylindrical gear reducer
2. Specifications are:

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