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Reducer manufacturers > X series cycloid reducer > XWD3-59-1.5Kw cycloidal pinwheel reducer
  • product name: XWD3-59-1.5Kw cycloidal pinwheel reducer

  • product type: X series cycloid reducer

  • Product number:

  • release time: 2020-03-26

product description

XWD3-59-1.5Kw cycloid pinwheel reducer manufacturer

Manufacturer introduction

  • Have a superb technical team, sophisticated processing equipment, advanced processing technology, and complete testing equipment.

  • The company’s main products include cycloid reducers,Worm gear reducer,cylinderGear reducer, Hard tooth surfaceGear reductionMachine waiting.

  • According to the different needs of customers, design and make to order, and support the processing and manufacturing of drawings and samples.

  • Products are widely used in road construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, plastic machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, lifting machinery, water conservancy machinery, metallurgical equipment, leather equipment, environmental protection equipment, textile machinery, glass machinery, light industrial equipment, conveying equipment , Agricultural machinery, rubber and other industries.


XWD3-59-1.5Kw cycloidal pinwheel reducer

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