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WHC120 worm gear reducer
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WHC120 worm gear reducer

WHC120 worm gear reducer manufacturer

WHC120 worm gear reducer is a general-purpose circular arc tooth cylindrical worm reducer with the worm on the side of the worm wheel; it complies with the JB2318-79 standard.This type of reducer is suitable for reduction transmission of various mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical industry, construction and so on.

The parameters of this series of reducers are as follows :

【Input power】between 1.1~20KW;

【Output torque】between 360~1600N.m;

[Input shaft revolutions] Generally not more than 1500 r/min; high-speed shafts can run in both forward and reverse directions;

[Working environment temperature] -40℃~45℃, when the working environment temperature is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil must be heated to above 0℃ before starting;


【Assembly form】Four types.

 Worm gear reducerVarious non-standard reducers can be designed and produced according to user needs.

The working principle of the reducer

The reducer is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The power of the electric motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed running is achieved by the gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer and the large gear on the output shaft. The reducer will also have several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the desired deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.

Common problems and causes of worm gear reducer

1,ReducerHeat and oil leakage.In order to improve the efficiency of the worm gear reducer, non-ferrous metals are generally used as the worm gear, and the worm is made of harder steel. Because it is a sliding friction transmission, a higher heat will be generated during operation, which makes the parts and seals of the reducer There is a difference in thermal expansion between them, which creates a gap in each mating surface, and the oil becomes thinner due to the increase in temperature, which is easy to cause leakage.

There are four main reasons:

One is whether the collocation of materials is reasonable.

The second is the surface quality of the meshing friction surface.

The third is the choice of lubricating oil and whether the addition amount is correct.

The fourth is the assembly quality and use environment.

2. Worm bearing is damaged.When the reducer fails, even if the reduction box is well sealed, the factory often finds that the gear oil in the reducer has been emulsified, and the bearings have been rusted, corroded, and damaged. This is because the gear oil is It is caused by the condensation of moisture generated after the heat becomes cold; of course, it is also closely related to the quality of the bearing and the assembly process.

Treatment of wear of worm gear reducer

Under normal circumstances, the wear speed of the worm gear reducer is very slow and will not affect the service life of the reducer.If the reducer wears quickly, the following situations need to be considered: the selection of the reducer, whether the material matching and lubrication are reasonable.

At the same time, the high temperature of the reducer during use will affect the service life of the reducer.WHC120 worm gear reducer modelThere are several ways to prevent overheating:

1. Reasonably match the material of the worm gear.Worm gears with softer materials will wear out due to the action of the worm.

2. Avoid excessive friction.

3. Pay attention to the surface quality of the meshing friction surface

4. Choose the right lubricant

5. Install cooling device

6. Lower the temperature of the use environment

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