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BWED2715-187 cycloid reducer
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BWED2715-187 cycloid reducerBWED2715-187 cycloid reducerIs the B series horizontal two-stageCycloid reducerA specific model.

SuchReducerThere are many models to choose from.When buying a reducer, you only need to contact the website customer to provide the motor power and other parameters you need.

At the same time, the manufacturer supports non-standard customization of the reducer, processing customization with drawings and samples, welcome to consult.

Installation principle of BWED2715-187 cycloid reducer

1. Cycloidal pin gear reducer is a novel transmission device that applies the principle of planetary transmission and adopts the meshing of cycloidal pin teeth.

2. The entire transmission device of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part, and output part.

3. A double eccentric sleeve with a displacement of 180° is installed on the input shaft, and two roller bearings called rotating arms are installed on the eccentric sleeve to form an H mechanism,BWED2715-187 cycloid reducerThe holes of the two cycloidal wheels are the raceways of the arm bearings on the eccentric sleeve, and the cycloidal wheel meshes with a set of circularly arranged needle teeth on the needle gear to form an internal meshing reduction mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth. , (In order to reduce friction, in a reducer with a small speed ratio, the needle gear is equipped with a needle gear sleeve)

Cangzhou Ever-Power Reducer Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various types of reducers.Including X series, B series, 8000 series planetsCycloid reducer;  

  WH series arc tooth cylindrical worm reducer;  CW series arc cylindrical worm gear reducer;

  SCW series shaft-mounted arc cylindrical worm reducer;

  WPWorm gear reducer;

  WD, WS cylindrical worm reducer;

  NMRV aluminum housing worm gear reducer;  ZQ, ZD, ZL, ZS cylinderGear reducer;

  ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, DBY, DCY hard tooth surfaceGear reduction机;

  R/S/K/F helical gear hardened gear reducer;

  NGW planetary gear reducer;

  SWL worm gear screwelevator;

  Reducer bracketand so on.

  It can also undertake the processing and customization services for the production of various non-standard reducers and accessories.

About the quality assurance of BWED2715-187 cycloid reducer

Guaranteed contentDuring the warranty period, the user installs the product according to the instructions in the attached instruction manual, and the failure occurs when it is used under correct operating conditions, and the quality control department of our factory determines that it will be repaired or exchanged free of charge.When repairing or replacing, the cost of removing and reinstalling the reducer and the user's supporting device, as well as transportation costs, production losses and other indirect losses, the factory does not provide compensation.
Not guaranteed content1. Failure caused by the installation of this product and improper connection with other devices.
2. Failure to perform maintenance as required in the instruction manual, and failures caused by improper operation and management.
3. Failure caused by the use of grease or lubricating oil not recommended by our factory.
Not guaranteed content
5. Failure caused by the product's self-ordering error while in use.
6. Failures caused by the user's restructuring of this product or changing the structure.
7. Failure caused by the user's self-provisioning motor that does not meet the regulations.
8. Failures caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes, and irresistible disasters such as fires and gas leaks.
9. Normal wear or aging of consumables such as bearings and oil seals that are standard wearing parts.
10. Other matters that are not within the scope of the factory's responsibility.

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