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  • product name: K helical bevel gear reducer

  • product type: Four series reducer

  • Product number:

  • release time: 2019-07-04

product description

KPerformance characteristics of helical bevel gear reducer:
  1. The vertical output, compact structure, hard tooth surface transmission torque, and high-precision gears ensure stable work, low noise and long life.
  2. Installation method: foot installation, hollow shaft installation, flange installation, torque arm installation, small flange installation.
  3. Input mode: motor direct connection, motor belt connection or input shaft, connection flange input.
  4. Output mode: hollow shaft output or solid shaft output, with an average efficiency of 94%.
  5. Combine with R series to get larger speed ratio
KTechnical parameters of helical bevel gear reducer:
  Speed ​​ratio range: basic type 5.36~197.37, K/R combination type can reach 32625
  Torque range: 200~50000 Nm
  Power range: 0.18~200 kW
KProduct overview of helical bevel gear reducer:
  1. K series spiral coneGear reductionThe machine is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements and has a high technological content.
  2. It saves space, is reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, and the power can reach more than 200KW.
  3. Low energy consumption and superior performance,ReducerThe efficiency is as high as 95% or more.
  4. Low vibration, low noise and high energy saving.
  5. Use high-quality section steel material, rigid cast iron box body, and the gear surface undergoes high frequency heat treatment.
  6. After precision processing, the reducer that constitutes the transmission assembly of helical gears, bevel gears and bevel gears is equipped with various types of motors to form a mechatronics and ensure the quality characteristics of the products.
KModel list of helical bevel gear reducer: 

K series

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