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WED63 two-stage planetary cycloid reducer
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WED63 two-stage planetCycloid reducer

WED63 two-stage planetary cycloid reducerFeatures

1.The motor power of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer is 0.25KW-55KW, and the output torque is 70N.M-20000N.M. If lower output speed is required, double-stage can be usedCycloid reducerOr a combination of three levels.

2.Product adoptionModular combination design and manufacture, with multiple installation forms.

3. A novel deceleration device adopting the principle of planetary transmission with less tooth difference

4.Can be equipped with different types of motors(Ordinary motors, speed-regulating motors, explosion-proof motors, variable frequency motors, brake motors, etc.), contact the salesperson for the type of motor needed.

5. Low noise, high torque, no oil leakage, multiple installation methods.

6. Widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation and other industries, as a driving or decelerating device, the applicable working temperature is plus or minus 40 degree,

7.Ever-Power promises that the manufacturer producesWED63 two-stage planetCycloid reducerHigh-quality products with good quality, reliable performance, complete specifications, and reasonable prices.

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Cangzhou Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional that focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of reducers and related supporting equipment.Reducer manufacturer.

The main products of Cangzhou Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Co., Ltd. includeCycloid reducer,Worm gear reducer, Cylindrical gear reducer, hardened gear reducer, R/S/K/F helical gear hardened reducer, planetary gear reducer, planetary reducer, MB continuously variable transmission, steering gear, worm screw lift,Reducer bracket, Reduction motors, special reducers for electric furnaces, special reducers for mud scrapers, special reducers for distributing machines and other products, which can meet the needs of different customers.

The reducer produced by Cangzhou Ever-Power Reduction Machinery Co., Ltd. covers road construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, plastic machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, lifting machinery, water conservancy machinery, metallurgical equipment, leather equipment, environmental protection equipment, textile machinery, Glass machinery, light industrial equipment, conveying equipment, agricultural machinery, rubber and other industries, and undertake the design and manufacture of special specification reducers.

Once the reducer produced by Cangzhou Ever-Power Reducer Machinery Co., Ltd. is sold, it will provide considerate after-sales guarantee services to make your consumption worry-free.

The manufacturer produces a variety of models of WED cycloid reducer, all products accept non-standard customization, processing and customization according to drawings and samples.If you have technical and selection needs, please call the website customer service for consultation.

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