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  • product name: SWL screw lift

  • product type: elevator

  • Product number:

  • release time: 2019-07-04

product description

SWLOverview of worm gear screw lift
SWL series worm gear screwelevatorIt is a kind of basic lifting component, which conforms to the standard of JB/T8809-1998 (formerly JB/ZQ4391-86).This product can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical, medical, cultural and health industries.The carrying capacity is 2.5-120T.It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, wide power source, low noise, convenient installation, flexible use, multiple functions, multiple matching forms, high reliability, and long service life.It has the functions of lifting, landing, advancing, turning, etc., and can be used alone or in combination.It can accurately control and adjust the height of lifting or pushing according to a certain procedure, and it can be directly driven by a motor or other power, or manually.The input speed can reach 1500r/min, and the lifting speed can reach 2.7m/min.There are different structural types and assembly methods, and the lifting height is manufactured according to user requirements.The device can be self-locking.
SWLType and marking of worm gear screw lifting model
1,SWLWorm screw liftStructure type
  SWL worm gear screw lifts are divided into:
Type 1-The lead screw makes simultaneous rotation and axial movement;
Type 2-Lead screw for rotating motion.The nut on the screw moves axially.
    2,SWLWorm screw liftAssembly type
  Each structure type of SWL worm gear screw lift is divided into two assembly types:
Type A-the screw (or nut) moves upward;
Type B-the lead screw (or nut) moves down.
    3,SWLWorm screw liftScrew head type
   The screw head of type 1 structure is divided into:
I (cylindrical type), II (flange type), III (thread type), IV (flat head type) four types.
The screw head of type 2 structure type is divided into two types: I (cylindrical type) and III (thread type).
    4,SWLWorm screw liftTransmission ratio
  SWL worm gear screw elevator is divided into two transmission ratios, namely ordinary (P) and slow (M).
    5,SWLWorm screw liftScrew protection
   Type 1 SWL worm gear screw lift screw protection is divided into: basic type, anti-rotation type (F) and protective cover type (Z);
   The protection of type 2 SWL worm gear screw lift screw is divided into: basic type and protective cover type (Z)

SWL screw lift

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