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XWEK8190-391-5.5KW cycloid reducer
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XWEK819XWEK8190-391-5.5KW cycloid reducer0-391-5.5KW Cycloid pinwheel reducer transmission ratio expression mode:

X means cycloid

W means horizontal

E means two-stage transmission

K means that the motor is connected to the disc type without a motor

5.5 Represents motor power

8190 represents the reducer model

391 indicates the speed ratio of the reducer

Various modelsCycloid reducerIn fact, the torque and bearing capacity are exactly the same in the same specification of the same series, but eachCycloid pinwheel reducer manufacturersThe model representation method and the marking method are different, and the actual application effect is exactly the same!

The working principle of cycloid reducer

Cycloid reducerIt is a kind of deceleration device, which adopts the principle of planetary rotation with little tooth difference to make the teeth of the cycloidal pin gear mesh.

The structure of the cycloid reducer

CycloidReducerA 180° double eccentric sleeve is installed on the input shaft, and two roller bearings are installed on the eccentric sleeve. The H mechanism is formed. The wheel meshes with a set of needle teeth on the needle gear to form an internal meshing reduction mechanism with a tooth difference of one tooth.

XWEK8190-391-5.5KW cycloid pinwheel reducer operating conditions
1. The X-cycloidal pinwheel reducer is allowed to be used in a continuous working system, and it is allowed to run in both forward and reverse directions at the same time.
2. The rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm, and 18.5 rpm is used when the power is greater than 1000 kW.
3. The working position of XWE.XWED cycloid reducer is horizontal.The maximum angle of inclination is generally less than 15° when tilted.When it exceeds 15°, other measures should be taken to ensure adequate lubrication and prevent oil leakage.
4. The output shaft of the reducer cannot be subjected to large axial force and radial force, and other measures must be taken when there is large axial force and radial force.

Cangzhou Ever-Power Reduction Machinery Co., Ltd. can develop non-standard general-purpose cycloid reducers according to the customer's use environment.And to provide customers with scientific and complete technical solutions.

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