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The development trend of reducer
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Worm gear reducer

The reducer is a transmission mechanism, and the purpose of using it on mechanical equipment is to reduce the motor speed and increase the torque.There are many types of reducers, with different models, and different types have different uses.The products involved in common reducers include variousGear reductionGear, planetary gear reducer, worm gear reducer and cycloid reducer.Each type of reducer can be divided into many categories according to its structural characteristics or processing technology.

Worm gear reducers are mainly classified according to the types of worm pairs; at present, our country mainly produces cone-enveloping cylindrical worm reducers, arc cylindrical worm reducers and plane double-envelope toroidal reducers.

Since the reform and opening up, through the introduction of advanced processing equipment, new technology digestion and absorption, independent design and development, technological research, technological transformation, etc.With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, the reducer industry, an important basic industry, has developed extremely rapidly.However, compared with advanced industrial countries, there is still a certain gap in the domestic reducer industry.Mainly reflected in: the small scale of enterprise production, weak development capabilities; uneven product manufacturing quality; lack of brand awareness, affecting product market expansion.


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