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  • product name: TP series spiral screw lift

  • product type: elevator

  • Product number:

  • release time: 2020-12-26

product description

TP series spiral screw lift特点

1. TP series lead screwelevatorSimple operation, strong reliability, low maintenance rate and other advantages.

2. TP mechanical dry jacks are equipped with automatic interlocking mechanism, that is, they can support their own weight without using brakes or other locking systems.

3. The jack can be used alone or in combination with shafts, couplings, and bevel gear drives.

4. They can be driven by AC or DC motors, as well as hydraulic or pneumatic motors.

5. They can be driven manually or in other forms of transmission.

6. The screw jack has a wide range of applications. It can be used to lift, pull, move or calibrate any load, even extremely unbalanced load. It has strong synchronization and is unmatched by other machinery.

7. TP mechanical screw lifter has excellent design and advanced technology to adapt to various harsh working conditions

8. The surface is all finished with precision machining technology, easy to install, brackets, flanges, pins and other parts required by the project are easy to install.

TP series spiral screw lift

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