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  • product name: SGB(SJB)10 screw jack

  • product type: elevator

  • Product number:

  • release time: 2020-09-21

product description

SGB(SJB)10 screw jack

1. SGB10 spiral elevator stageelevatorEver-Power brand elevator is a basic lifting component.

2. SGB10 spiral elevator stageelevatormeets theJB/T8809—2010(原JB/T8809—1998、JB/ZQ4391—86)标准。

3. SGB10 spiral elevator stageelevatorCarrying capacity2.5—120T.

4. SGB10 spiral elevator stageSuitable for low speed and low frequency occasions.

5. SGB10 spiral elevator stageelevatorThe main components are: precision trapezoidal screw pair and worm gear pair.

6. SGB10 spiral elevator stageelevatorIt has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, wide power source, low noise, convenient installation, flexible use, multiple functions, multiple matching forms, high reliability, and long service life.

SGB10 spiral elevator stageWorking environment

1.The allowable power is when the ambient temperature isIt is a parameter under the condition of 20°C and working duration rate of 20% per hour.

2.The total efficiency is a parameter under grease lubrication conditions.

3.When lifting different loads, the allowable torque, power, and speed are different, and the starting duration is different. The power is different.4.For elevators with double guide sleeves, the lead screw is allowed to bear a certain lateral force in addition to the axial force.

5.The shaft extension of the rod is allowed to bear a certain radial force, and it is allowed to install gears, sprockets or pulleys.

6.SGB10 spiral elevator stageGenerally, it can be self-locking at rest.

SGB10 screw elevator

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